Wind Energy

We Enable Green Energy by Innovative Repair Processes

Our Innovation of Repair Solution

With the products from msquare, both the cost-effectiveness of the repair of rotor blades and the quality can be increased.

In order to further optimize the efficiency and the use of service stuff, the RedZero has an approval for a “night repair”. This means that the RedZero, including the heating blankets, can remain self-sufficient on the rotor blade overnight. Service teams are currently not permitted to leave repair equipment on the rotor blade without monitoring.

This means that a repair etc. can usually take several days due to occupational health and safety regulations. With the RedZero, which works without permanent local monitoring, the overall duration of a repair can be significantly reduced.

All Repair Benefits at a Glance

Homogeneous Temperature Distribution

Increased Repair Area Performance

Fast Application on the Rotor Blade Repair Area

Specific Adjusted Repair Equipment