Heating – The Basic of many Industrial Processes

A Whole New Innovation for Industrial Heating

Energy efficient heating applications are present in almost every industrial sector. In order to save energy and time an efficient and resource-preserving technology is a key driver for modern heating processes. The need of a homogeneous temperature application is present in different industrial branches and determines the quality of a food processing system, the production of an aerospace part or the repair of a wind turbine blade. An efficient heating technology is crucial to optimize industrial heating processes and to save money in the end.

With a great technology portfolio msquare can supply you with an efficient heating technology that is directly adjusted to your processes needs. Starting from induction heating to resistance heating our universal controller system can manage a broad sources of heat. Energy efficient heating sources are the know-how of the patented msquare heating technology.


Great performance, high quality standards and outrageous loads are keywords for the aerospace sector. With the innovative production technologies designed by msquare we help to fulfill these requirements.

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Industrial Applications

High efficient heating processes are needed in a great variety of processes. Ranging from leisure and sport sector to food and medicine we will deliver the right heating solution.

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