Revolution of Inductive Heating

Energy-efficient. Flexible. Precise. Smart.

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Heating processes are used in many branches of industry. Whether the focus is on energy-efficient, precise local heating or surfaces to be heated with multiple curves, msquare has a suitable solution.

Our repair equipment for repairing rotor blades reduces the workload, increases quality, facilitates documentation and significantly increases productivity.

For demanding heating processes in both repair and production, msquare offers solutions for a very homogeneous temperature distribution, precise local heating, even for structures with multiple curves.

Energy-efficient manufacturing processes will become more and more important in the future. With msquare heating technology, up to 80% of energy can be saved compared to conventional heating methods.

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Our Technology

From Aerospace to Your Workshop

FlexIn Heat® Technology

The FlexIn Heat® technology uses induction heating in a very flexible way. Due to the great amount of transferred energy high heating rates are feasible. A decoupled heat source delivers hight temperatures with a very homogeneous Distribution.
The FlexIn Heat®  technology was developed at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

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Development Services

Whether individual geometries or demanding heating tasks, we support you in developing and optimizing your heating processes.
On our test bench, we can check whether and how well your individual materials can be inductively heated. At the same time, we can optimize the parameters for inductive heating.

Processing Solutions

Precise temperature control and a quick heat generation improves your process and helps you to decrease cycle times. Our system is easy to implement and can be adjusted to a great variety of heating applications.


Extended heating investigations or electromagnetic penetration our test facilities are able to give a broad insight into the technology and helps to define the optimized parameters to your problem.

Repair Solutions

Our mobile repair systems are capable of treating almost every kind of composite surface. A complete documentation gives you feedback about all important parameters. Due to our automated report generation the quality assurance will be created within no time.

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A Spin-Off from

From excellent research to innovative applications.

We develop the technology researched at DLR further and bring it to market.